Roof Rack Accessories

We offer a variety of Roof Rack accessories, including ladder racks, ladder clamps, roof trays, bazookas and more.

Ladder Racks:

Our ladder racks are available as either a single or double ladder rack setup, to suit either step or extensions ladders. They are recognised for their strength and durability. Each ladder rack includes a precision ball bearing roller with shaped allow brackets and smooth roll on roll off low friction pads, this makes for effortless loading and unloading and they protect the surface of the ladder while ensuring the process for the operator is safe and efficient as possible.

Ladder Clamps:

Our ladder clamps improves speed and ease of securing a ladder for travel. The clamp stops the ladder moving during travel thereby providing protection for valuable ladders from wear and tear. The large catch mechanism acts as a visual indicator that the ladder is or isn’t secured, and the over-centre safety catch prevents the clamp coming undone during transport. There are rubber buffers fitted to the main beam to prevent damage to the ladder.

Roof Trays:

We can supply and fit roof trays to suit a variety of uses. They provide a strong robust solution for your roof cargo needs and feature attractive heavy duty non corrosive components, unique tie off points and create minimal wind noise. Roof trays require fitting to roof rack legs.

Other Accessories:

We can supply a range of accessories to help fasten your roof loads – including ladder pegs, ratchets, eyebolts and bazookas.

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