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The Stealth has changed the working game for me, I couldn’t be happier!

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Jesse James
The Trade Tour Founder/Plumber

The Camco build quality is extremely good and heavy duty. I expect the service body will perform well when exposed to tough conditions. Camco were easy to work with and matched my expectations. It’s a pleasure to work from, much better than a ute with a canopy.

Testimonial Greg
Chil Experience

I have used Camco drawers and roof rack systems in my ute for three years. The drawers have doubled the usability of the ute, and provided strong trouble free service. The staff at Camco are very pleasant to deal with, and always helpful. Many thanks Camco, for your service.

Testimonial Wayne

We decided to use Camco as they are a NZ company with fantastic backup support across the country. They made sure the product they sell fits the needs of what we required. In addition, we have significantly improved the image of our fleet through using Camco products.

CAMCO Trade Mitsubishi Triton 3 Door Integrated Service Body 02
Waipa Networks

Giltrap AgriZone – Field Servicing

Giltrap AgriZone relies on Camco’s Gullwing and UteWorx products for their Mazda BT50 service utes. Employing 73 people, they specialise in servicing the Case IH tractor brand and Kun harvesting equipment. The key advantages of choosing Camco products include the local company’s commitment to tailored designs that meet specific needs. Notably, weight considerations are crucial for their utes, and Camco’s dedication to maintaining optimal facilities while minimizing weight is highly appreciated. The organised layout of UteWorx bodies contributes to increased daily efficiency, eliminating the time wasted searching for items in the back of the ute. This organization not only enhances efficiency but also plays a vital role in ensuring the health and safety of their staff. The positive experience with timely installations and reliable service has led to a strong recommendation for Camco products by Giltrap AgriZone.

Stuart Tarbotton – Contractors

As the surveyor and project manager for our earthworks projects, I was inspired to integrate CAMCO Drawers into my role after seeing their effectiveness in another company’s ute. The RolaWorx system has proven invaluable for storing and organizing my surveying gear and project essentials. Its safety features, reduced strain, and easy accessibility make it a game-changer. The drawer system allows me to keep less frequently used items towards the back, easily retrievable by sliding out the drawer. This efficient fit-out took just an afternoon, aligning perfectly with the demands of our dynamic fieldwork. CAMCO Drawers have significantly streamlined the way I carry and access equipment for my projects.

Ray Mayne – Irrigation Services

As a Canterbury-based irrigation business specialising in design, sales, and installation, maintaining our extensive equipment fleet is crucial. With 14 to 15 vehicles, many dedicated to servicing irrigation systems, we sought a solution to enhance organization and efficiency. Enter Camco Industries and their RolaWorx drawer systems. What was once a cluttered back with tools and equipment is now a model of orderliness. The ease and effectiveness of the RolaWorx system have significantly improved our vehicle functionality. Pulling out drawers requires minimal effort, and the tidy arrangement has garnered praise among our team. We highly recommend this system and plan to outfit the rest of our vehicles with these drawers, as we’ve witnessed firsthand the positive impact on our operations.

AgrowQuip – Tractor Servicing

With four branches spanning Auckland and Waikato, specialising in John Deere franchise outlets and agricultural machinery, our team of 97 prioritizes efficient service and machinery backup. Camco’s core products, the Gullwing and UteWorx, have proven indispensable for our fleet of 15 specialist diagnostic vehicles. Purpose-built for our needs, these products optimise functionality, allowing us to operate with maximum efficiency 24/7. Equipped with full lighting for round-the-clock functionality, the strategic placement of equipment enhances health and safety on the job, simplifying the technicians’ fieldwork experience. The transition to Camco products has notably improved staff efficiency and facilitated direct engagement with machinery in the paddocks. For those in the tractor farm machinery industry, we wholeheartedly recommend Camco for enhancing ease and efficiency in daily operations.

Gary Paton – Builder

Camco’s products stand out for their exceptional durability. The roller drawers, capable of holding 400 kilos, glide effortlessly without jamming or risking damage to rollers and tracks. The ease of accessing tools by sliding the drawers in and out streamlines job efficiency, eliminating the struggle of climbing in and out of the ute. Previous attempts at building drawers in-house proved unreliable and required frequent repairs. Since discovering Camco’s robust gear, these issues are a thing of the past. The sturdy construction ensures longevity and reliability, providing a hassle-free solution for handling heavy tools and equipment.

TransDiesel – Heavy Machinery Servicing

Established nearly 30 years ago, Transdiesel initially focused on diesel engines and transmissions. The acquisition of Volvo and Yanmar products led to a significant business expansion. Facing weight challenges in their previous vehicle fleet, Transdiesel turned to Camco for solutions. Collaborating with the Camco team, they successfully reduced weight in the utes, ensuring legal compliance and safe road operation. Camco’s diverse range, including the arch box, Gullwing, and RolaWorx products, enhances usability and operational smoothness for Transdiesel’s service fleet. Camco’s support extends beyond product provision, addressing setup efficiencies and health and safety concerns. The strong partnership with Camco continues to evolve as Transdiesel’s fleet grows, emphasising a commitment to safety, efficiency, and ongoing collaboration.

Stewart & Holland – Refrigeration services

Specialising in air conditioning, refrigeration, and electrical services for the dairy industry, commercial, and domestic sectors, our company relies on efficiency and accessibility. Camco’s provision of a RolaWorx double drawer for our truck has significantly enhanced the utility of our new vehicle for gear storage. The primary advantage of the RolaWorx drawers lies in the seamless extraction of tools, particularly during late-night jobs. Prioritising health and safety, the easy accessibility of tools eliminates the need for jumping into the back of the van or truck, ensuring a safer work environment. I highly recommend RolaWorx to anyone seeking a practical and efficient solution. It has notably improved my work experience, setting me apart from others in terms of convenience and ease of operation.


Camco has successfully fitted out our utes with spacious and practical boxes that align perfectly with the demands of our industry. The provided service has been commendable, meeting the need for carrying substantial gear on our vehicles. One notable feature, a winch in a mate’s truck, showcases the thoughtful and innovative setups Camco offers, providing a convenient solution for lifting heavy items without straining the back. The Gullwing setup has proven invaluable, offering cover during extreme weather conditions and enhanced visibility when working at night. In challenging situations, Camco’s setups excel, and I would confidently recommend them to other distribution companies across New Zealand. Their accommodating approach and well-designed solutions make them a reliable choice for customised fit-outs.

Fieldays June 2017 – Customer Feedback

Camco Industries prioritises customer feedback, a driving force behind their continuous product innovation. At events like the National Field Days, visitors share positive experiences and appreciation for Camco’s versatile design, emphasising the functionality of their ute backs and the thoughtful consideration given to tools and equipment storage. Users particularly commend the lockable and compact nature of Camco’s setups, ensuring safety and easy access to equipment while protecting it from the weather. The feedback highlights Camco’s commitment to meeting specific needs and providing quality, robust solutions for various industries.

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