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Field Servicing Fitouts

It’s important for service mechanics who do the bulk of their work out in the field to have a well-built and efficiently set up ute, ensuring that tools and stock are on hand out at site, minimising trips back to base.

Camco have worked with a number of field servicing fleets around the country, and have developed a range of versatile fitout packages to suit a range of requirements. Some of these fitouts are shown below.

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Tractor Servicing

Tractor servicing mechanics need a secure space to contain their toolboxes and keep stock organised, while also requiring an open space to be able to transport either oil drums when doing an oil change on a tractor, or other large and heavy items when required.

Another important component for these techs is a compressor to run a rattle gun on site. This can either be installed in the body, or fitted under the deck to save space in the body

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Ford Ranger S/Cab – GVM: 3200kg | Payload: 885kg

Heavy Machinery Servicing

Heavy machinery service techs need a fitout that gives them space to store their toolboxes, while also providing the space to carry consumables required on jobs.

The ideal base for this is a flat deck with a pair of toolboxes. The toolboxes provide secure storage for tools and consumables, while the deck space provides space to carry oil drums that might be required on the job.
Extras included on the fitout include an underdeck vice, hand cleaning station, worklights, and a compressor to assist with running compressed air on site.

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Ford Ranger E/Cab – GVM: 3500kg | Payload: 1130kg

Light Machinery Servicing

Carrying a large amount of spare parts and stock for jobs, light mechanical servicing customers often prefer to work out of vans or an integrated service body, which provide the covered and secure storage area required.

Both these options can be set up with a range of shelving and small parts storage solutions – check out some of the fitouts.

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Mazda BT-50 E/Cab – GVM: 3200kg | Payload: 1050kg

Hydraulic Servicing

Hydraulic technicians need to be able to store a large volume of small (but heavy) parts and fittings for use on site, to avoid constant trips back to the warehouse to collect what they need. It is important to have a well organised fitout to provide enough storage for fittings, while also leaving space for a range of hoses and the all-important tooling for on the job repairs.

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Mazda BT-50 E/Cab – GVM: 3200kg | Payload: 955kg


Automotive techs need to be able to repair a wide range vehicle issues for their customers on-site, which necessitates carrying a wide range of tools. They also need to be able to access these tools when in confined or roadside spaces. An integrated service body or a wellside & canopy is a popular base fitout option.

For those needing safe roadside access, the Vertisafe doors are an excellent option as they open vertically, eliminating the door opening onto the road.

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Isuzu D-Max S/Cab – GVM: 3050kg | Payload: 845kg

Emergency Response

It is vital for emergency response teams to have an efficiently set up response vehicle so they can access everything quickly and safely in the case of an… well, emergency.

Camco have worked with many response teams around the country to develop solutions to store their equipment in an easy to access manner. Many of these teams require a custom storage solution to carry their specialised gear. Check out the customised gas cylinder carriers below which we designed for a response fleet.

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Toyota Hilux D/Cab – GVM: 3000kg | Payload: 690kg


Farriers carry a lot of heavy stock in their vehicles – horseshoes of all shapes and sizes. They also require a place to store their tools, and portable forge.

A heavy duty Rolaworx cargo drawer is the ideal place to contain stock in an easy-to-access and well organised place, which the forge can be bolted to a Roll-a-Table to enable easy access. These units can be installed into either an integrated body or a wellside ute, depending on preference.

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Mitsubishi Triton D/Cab – GVM: 2900kg | Payload: 660kg


Rough, tough, and uneven terrain means that logging crews need vehicles that work for them and will take a hammering. Storage for chainsaws and spare bars etc is a consideration, along with somewhere to sharpen chainsaws – the Slide-a-Vice provides a handy extra pair of hands to hold the chainsaw.


Rural vets with large animal practices have a real need to fit as much equipment and supplies into their vehicles as possible in order to attend to their animal patients.

Often working in a remote environment, they need everything at their fingertips at the crucial and hectic calving period for instance, so efficiencies in vehicle storage organisation can make a huge difference.

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Mazda BT-50 D/Cab – GVM: 3200kg | Payload: 945kg

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