COVID-19 Shutdown – Whilst our manufacturing facility is serving essential services only, our office staff and after-sales back-up team continue to operate from home. 

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Specialist fitouts for a wide range of Industries

Time means money in business, and Camco systems are calculated to save time and create efficiencies. (e.g. It has been estimated that a Rolaworx drawer system could save 15 minutes per day – this adds up to over 62 hours a year over a 5 day week – multiply that by your average worker’s hourly wage and see the savings!)

Camco’s unique range of fitout products adds a powerful sense of professionalism to your workforce, and creates safe and organised storage solutions in vehicles. Talk to a Camco representative as we can assist streamline specialised trade fitouts for small and large fleets with products to suit and meet budgets within your business.

Lifetime Warranty

All our manufactured products are covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

Improved Workplace Safety

Our products are developed around improved workplace safety - safer access to tools, lighter fitouts, leading to lighter compliant vehicle.

NZ Designed + Manufactured

Designed & Manufactured in NZ for NZ Conditions - long lasting, high quality, genuine product.