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Infrastructure Fitouts

Companies in the infrastructure segment often need fit-for-purpose vehicles, some of which may have very intensive fitouts. Camco have worked with a number of infrastructure companies to ensure the fitouts we offer are fit-for-purpose and will get your drivers operational as soon as the vehicle lands on your yard.

Some of the previous fitouts we’ve worked on are shown below, with full CAD plans, fitout specifications, weights etc available on request.

Use the contact form below to request your drawing packages for any of the fitouts shown below – this package includes the CAD plans for each fitout, weights, and axle weight analysis.


Earthmoving contractors need a secure location in their vehicle to store all their tools and servicing gear,

We can provide solutions for these needs and have found that customers prefer to have a ute with a Flat Deck and Gullwing, although the Rolaworx drawers are still very handy. We have developed a tipper unit that fits as a sub frame under a Uteworx Flat Deck.

Fumigation & Pest Control

The cargo carried by fumigation and pest control company vehicles need careful handling to ensure safety for the operator as it is so hazardous.

We have developed specialist products to suit this industry’s needs. The ability to slide out containers of chemicals such as methyl bromide helps to make the handling of them safer, and we can fit drainage plugs into the drawers to ensure any spills are easily cleaned up. The compartments in our drawers also assist in safe and efficient handling of chemicals.

The needs for adequate ventilation is also a requirement for these vehicles, we can fit roof vents to ensure there is suitable quality air in the cargo area.

Roading & Civil

Roading and civil construction companies need a safe and efficient vehicle base to work from. Our range of Rolaworx drawers and Gullwing toolboxes and service bodies cater aptly for these circumstances, whether it be the transport of precision surveying instruments or the organising of road cones and shovels etc.


The increasing need for installation and upgrading of telecommunications throughout New Zealand has meant that companies in this sector are continually looking for ways to increase their efficiency and safety.

We have worked with many of these companies to set up their vehicles as efficient mobile workshops, utilising our quality products.

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