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Gullwing Integrated Service Body

The Gullwing Integrated Service Body has been expertly designed and crafted in New Zealand for local conditions. Constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum, this service body optimises payload capacity with its reduced curb weight. Safety features include a single paddle latch per door and two-stage rotary latches. The high-strength marine-grade aluminum body, with a powder coat finish, ensures longevity. Choose from three body sizes to suit different cab types. Ergonomic elements, such as a single-handle paddle latch system and large external gutters, enhance functionality. Doors pull in at the end of the gas strut stroke for added security. Roof accessories like lighting and central locking are available, all backed by a lifetime warranty. CAMCO’s Gullwing Integrated Service Body is a testament to quality craftsmanship and innovation.

Rolaworx Aluminium Drawers

The Aluminium Drawer system is a cutting-edge addition to our range of top-tier vehicle organisation solutions. Crafted in New Zealand with customer feedback at its core, these drawers ensure longevity, durability, and peace of mind. Constructed from high-strength marine-grade aluminium, they efficiently maximise cargo space, smoothly rolling out for operator convenience. Boasting a 250kg capacity per drawer, multi-stage locking for safety on gradients, and compatibility with other Camco Rolaworx products, these drawers are a versatile choice. Weighing 40% less than Rolaworx steel drawers, they reduce curb weight, optimising payload. With sealed ball bearing runners, standard dividers, and a lifetime warranty, Camco’s aluminium drawer system stands as an innovative solution for vans and utes.

Certified Canopy Cargo Barrier

The Canopy Cargo Barrier has been rigorously crash-tested and certified to AS/NZS4034. It seamlessly fits selected wellside and canopy combinations across most models. With features like minimal side window intrusion for optimal access and vision, improved fleet safety and compliance, and compatibility with various Camco products, it creates a safer work environment. Powder-coated black to prevent reflection, Camco’s uniquely engineered and crash-tested design ensures the highest levels of safety for both the vehicle and its occupants.

Complete Fleet Fitouts

Transform your vehicle into a fully customised and efficient workspace with Camco Industries’ complete vehicle fitouts. Whether you have a van, ute, or four-wheel drive, our comprehensive solutions are designed to enhance functionality, maximise storage, and promote optimal organisation. From durable drawer systems that double cargo space to strategically placed shelves, bins, and stacker boxes, we prioritise practicality and efficiency. At Camco, we understand the diverse needs of our clients, and our expert team excels at tailoring solutions to meet those specific requirements. Upgrade your vehicle with Camco’s complete fitouts for a seamless blend of convenience, safety, and productivity on the go.

Fitted Vehicle Comparison

Camco Industries leads the market in commercial vehicle fit-outs, offering tailored solutions for vans, utes, and four-wheel drives. Our innovative solutions prioritise equipment protection, safe work habits, and efficient tool access. Open your vehicle, and our range of solutions streamlines your workday, eliminating the need to search for tools and maximising productivity. The Rolaworx drawer system, when installed, doubles usable cargo space, significantly improving operator efficiency and productivity, translating to an estimated annual saving of $3,000. Our customisable options include rear and side-fitted drawers, bin shelves, stacker boxes, and the RolaTable for easy access to heavy items.

How to install a Rolaworx Drawer

In this video how-to guide, we’ll walk you through the process of fitting our RolaWorx drawer into your ute. For drawers with a shelf, start by removing the shelf. If it’s a double drawer, roll out the top drawer after placing it in the ute to access the rear holes. Ensure clearance around the drawer, including closing the tailgate, and check for obstructions underneath. Drill two 8.5mm holes at the rear through the back plate and deck. Refer to the Hole Position Guide to determine the appropriate pre-drilled holes for your vehicle. Use the supplied extended drill bit to drill through the deck. If needed, use 10mm nuts as spacers for liners or misaligned deck ribs. Secure the bolts, tighten, and check drawer operation. For drawers with a shelf, reattach it. Congratulations on successfully fitting your Camco RolaWorx drawers!


Camco Industries is your all-in-one solution for vehicle fit-outs, offering innovative components to elevate your experience. Our ceiling mount shelving system optimises valuable space by attaching to racquet roof rack legs, with options for small, medium, or large bins. The RolaWorx stacker box can be conveniently ceiling-mounted, and our cargo barrier ensures items in the top drawer stay secure. For utes with ladder racks, our racquet rubber mount system allows chassis articulation, preventing costly damage to the cab. Our ladder racks feature strong alloy roller brackets and an ergo rack for safe loading and unloading of ladders, complying with health and safety policies. The Light-X lighting range, including LED beacons, work lights, and interior lighting, adds the finishing touch to your fit-out.


Unlock unprecedented storage capabilities with RolaWorx drawer systems, designed to effectively double the usable cargo space in any commercial vehicle. Engineered for optimal operator efficiency, these drawers boast a substantial 400kg weight capacity and feature an inbuilt braking system, ensuring safety by halting every 300mm. customisable with fixed shelves, removable fronts, and dividers, they facilitate organised cargo management. Cutouts enhance versatility for transporting tall items, and in utes, single or double drawers roll out to the rear, while in vans, they can be installed at the rear and side doors. Explore additional RolaWorx accessories like the RolaTable, RolaTable-Extra, Slam-Lock Drawer Cabinets, Slider Vice, and Stacker Box. Modular and transferable between vehicles, RolaWorx drawer systems are backed by a reassuring 3-year warranty, providing everyday service with confidence. Supplied fully assembled with a fitting kit and instructions, they are ready to slide in and bolt down for seamless integration.

Gullwings & Flatdeck

Designed and crafted in New Zealand for New Zealand’s demanding conditions, UteWorx flat decks and genuine Gullwing toolboxes from Camco Industries are constructed from robust yet lightweight aluminium. UteWorx flat decks, featuring a low profile for optimal working height, come with removable double skin sides and a one-piece aluminium combing rail with milled tie points for secure loading. Mesh headboards enhance driver safety. The RolaWorx under-deck drawer, with a slam lock two-point latch system and a fully enclosed case, ensures protection against water and dust. Genuine Gullwing toolboxes, compatible with UteWorx flat decks, boast full-length Camco spec hinges, aircraft-style fasteners, and strategically positioned gas struts for reliable closure. Constructed with durable 3mm alloy, these toolboxes are available in powder coat or natural aluminium tread plate finishes, offering versatility and transferability between vehicles. Accessories such as dividers, adjustable shelving, lighting, windows, cargo barriers, and roof racks come with a comprehensive 3-year warranty, making every component a sound investment for your vehicle needs.

NEW! Gullwing Handle

Camco proudly presents the innovative Gullwing latch and single handle system, a groundbreaking addition to our product lineup. The two-stage rotary latch ensures optimal security—stage one secures the Gullwing door during movement, akin to a car door, while stage two fully seals the door for complete security. Our new handle system simplifies user interaction, requiring only a single handle to open the door, enhancing ease of use and cost-effectiveness for central locking integration. This Gullwing latch and single handle system exemplify Camco’s commitment to continuous product innovation, providing enhanced functionality and user-friendly features for our valued customers.


Derived from valuable customer input and the pursuit of maximising space efficiency, the Archbox from Camco Industries ingeniously transforms once-unused areas around the wheel arch of a ute or van into a practical and efficient storage solution. Crafted in New Zealand, the Archbox is molded from recyclable virgin plastic and treated to endure the challenging UV conditions of the region. Serving as an innovative alternative to traditional ute liners, the Archbox can be easily installed on either side of your ute with a grip deck ply liner in between. Its compatibility extends across all Camco products, fitting seamlessly alongside items such as RolaWorx drawers or the RolaTable-Extra. For added versatility, a false floor can be inserted to maximise usable floor space. Weighing a mere 10kgs, the Archbox can function as a single storage space or be configured with dividers, offering up to five compartments based on your storage needs. With additional storage space underneath, the Archbox is a lightweight, efficient solution that enhances productivity across various sectors, including industry, professional sales, or recreation.

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