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Construction Fitouts

Small tradesman fleets of 1-5 vehicles cover a wide range of jobs in the construction industry – from surveyors to builders and/or plumbers. NZ is a nation of SME’s, and these all need a flexible fitout solution to suit their unique needs.

Camco has worked with many tradesmen over the years to develop a wide range of products that can be fitted to suit all the different needs of the different trades.

Recently we have noticed a shift from the traditional ‘tradies van’ fitout towards a ute with a Gullwing style fitout.

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Aircon & Refrigeration

Refrigeration technicians have a wide range of uses for the cargo space in their vehicles, from storage of small parts and fittings, to space for transport of air conditioning units and the like. The safe and secure containment of refrigerant gas bottles is also of paramount importance.

Check out our fitout packages below:


Every builder or construction worker knows their vehicle is their mobile workshop. They need to be able to carry a variety of power and hand tools in addition to transporting material to the job site.

The value of their tools alone can add up to $30,000, that’s why we offer solutions that give added protection and security to create peace of mind.

One question that every builder has is – where am I going to put my dropsaw? Rest assured, we have the solution – simply build a removable cutout section into the top drawer to give you the extra height required.


Drainage contractors need both watertight and secure storage for their expensive gear, along with open deck space where they can put oversize and/or wet and muddy items. A popular fitout for these crews is a flat deck with a pair of toolboxes, which provides the combination of secure and lockable storage, and the open deck space needed.

Another important part of drainage crews jobs is the maintenance of existing drains, which requires sending a robot CCTV camera down the drain, with a ‘control room’ inside the van where the footage can be reviewed and any blockages identified. Camco have developed a highly efficient fitout package for these vans – see below


Electricians need an efficiently organised work vehicle for all the different items and tools they require on site. The range of different tasks and electrician undertakes in a day creates a need for a variety of tools, equipment, fittings, cabling, conduits etc to be safely store in their vehicle while being easily accessed.

Check out some of our fitout packages specially designed for electricians below.

Fire & Security

The technicians installing and maintaining fire protection and security systems require their vehicles to be organised in order to provide the professional service their customers demand.

Having worked with many fire & security companies around the country, we understand the need for a fit-for-purpose solution for your vehicle.


Glaziers rarely need to carry a lot of tools, but mostly use their vans to carry their glass frail. This leaves the interior of the van mainly free which makes it the ideal place to fit a Rolaworx drawer and cutting table combo – this provides a mobile workshop for those glass replacement jobs.


Companies providing plumbing and gas fitting services require efficient storage solutions in their vehicles to ensure their tools and fittings are well organised and easily accessible. One particular requirement of plumbing companies is to have roof racks, often with an H Rack at the front of the vehicle to accommodate the long conduit they carry.

Both vans and utes are popular with plumbers, and we have fitout packages available for both.


Surveyors out in the field need to be assured their precision instruments are protected while in transit. The transport and storage of road cones is another issue for the industry, so in conjunction with our surveying clients, we have developed specialised fitout options to accommodate these 2 specific requirements.

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