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Council Fitouts

Council staff and their contractors around the country tackle a wide range of tasks to ensure towns and cities around NZ are kept looking their best.

We have worked with councils all around NZ to develop a range of versatile fitout packages to suit a range of jobs.

Some of these fitouts are shown below:

Contact us to request a full set of drawing packages for any of these fitouts – this package includes the designs for each fitout, weights etc.

Animal Control

Developed in tandem with several councils around New Zealand, our animal control fitout package has been developed to fit into a wellside ute with a canopy, creating an operator friendly fitout that is safe and easy to use.

This fitout consists of a Roll-a-Table Xtra along with a lightweight, portable crane to lift the cages into the vehicle, thereby preventing the operator from having to lift a weight beyond Worksafe’s recommendation, reducing the risk of back strain.

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Ford Ranger E/Cab – GVM: 3200kg | Payload: 900kg

Cleaners Van

Always on the move, having your gear organised and tidy makes it easier to clean and maintain NZ’s all important public facilities.

The cleaners package includes ply lining to protect the walls of the van to preserve the vehicle resale value, along with tie down rails in the floor to secure cleaning carts etc. The heavy duty shelving provides a place to securely store cleaning chemicals and equipment in an easily accessible location – see at a glance if you need to restock!

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Ford Transit Custom SWB – GVM: 3000kg | Payload: 740kg

Gardeners Fitout

Parks and gardening crews need the flexibility to be able to carry loads of materials to site, while also needing a storage space to be able to securely carry and store tools and equipment.

An aluminium flat deck provides a great base for carrying materials, while giving you the flexibility to add a toolbox for storage.

Fitout Weight: Fitted to a Ford Ranger D/Cab – GVM: 3200kg | Payload: 1000kg

Hydrology Fitout

Hydrology and water teams are among those in council who require a well-organised vehicle to aid them in doing their jobs. Important components are small parts storage, a place to store (often dirty) shovels, and of course, the all-important inverter for operating small tools, or charging batteries.

This fitout package incorporates all of these components in order to provide a well-organised workspace for you team.

Fitout Weight: Fitted to a Toyota Hilux S/Cab – GVM: 3000kg | Payload: 730kg

Litter Collection Package

Our tipper units help make emptying roadside litter collection units a quick and easy task.

The cage is manufactured from aluminium to save weight, while a secure storage box is available at the front to hold tools and consumables.

There is also the option to have the litter collection cage on a tipper base to make emptying the unit simple.

Fitout Weight: Fitted to a Ford Ranger S/Cab – GVM: 3200kg | Payload: 900kg

The Steam Cleaners Fitout

Our steam cleaner package has been specifically designed to house and securely protect these valuable pieces of equipment with a lockable cage. Also equipped with a toolbox at the front of the unit to store other tools and equipment, the steam cleaner package ensures your valuable equipment is kept safe and secure.

Fitout Weights: Fitted to a Ford Ranger S/Cab – GVM: 3200kg | Payload: 950kg

Water Reticulation

Water reticulation teams have a special requirement to lift heavy pumps into the ground. This can be achieved by installing a hydraulic crane onto the ute.

Our fitout packages consist of a flat deck base, with toolboxes to securely store tools and equipment, with the option of adding a crane for lifting heavy pumps.

Fitout Weight: Fitted to a Ford Ranger E/Cab – GVM: 3200kg | Payload: 670kg

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