Everything you need to know about GVM+ Upgrades!

Camco GVM Upgrade Solutions

Camco has partnered with Pedders to become an approved installer for Pedders GVM+ upgrade kits. GVM Upgrades are compliant with ADR (Australian Design Rules) and NZTA requirements, and upgrade the vehicle suspension to support it carrying more weight. The kits increase the legal GVM that the vehicle can carry, but do not have an impact on the GCM of the vehicle, which is the manufacturer’s maximum combined weight of the vehicle and trailer. Camco is the only OEM Body Builder in NZ with in-house install capability, having undergone technician training and complying with strict compliance requirements.

Effectively, the Pedders GVM+ kits take part of the allowable trailer weight, and add that to the vehicle weight limit, thereby limiting any overstrain on the drivetrain of the vehicle.

If you want to guarantee the on-road safety, stability and compliance of your fleet, we recommend using GVM upgrades.

Camco has also developed software to provide detailed axle weight analysis across different fitouts, vehicle models and job roles – if you need some help to decide which vehicle is best for you, reach out to one of our team today!


GVM & Extra Payload Considerations

If you think that your vehicle is often prone to being overloaded, then consider having the vehicle checked and weighted at a local weight bridge operator, for example EnvirowasteNZ. Camco offers GVM suspension upgrade solutions for most commercial vehicle models to assist in compliance for GVM ratings. GVM Upgrade Kits are all fully certified to ensure motor vehicle insurance, warranty and O.H.& S. requirements are maintained.

In fact, Insurance underwriters may refuse a claim for an overloaded vehicle – the GVM Upgrade helps to mitigate this risk and keep your people on the road, safe.

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Pedders GVM Upgrades – The Result Of Years Of Testing

Through exhaustive and detailed testing, the Pedders GVM+ Upgrade Kits have been approved by the Australian Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport(AFDIT). The NZTA regards upgraded vehicles under the AFDIT legislation (see more at this link).  Every GVM Upgrade kit produced by undergoes extensive stability control testing during rigorous R & D processes. The kits are designed to improve the handling and performance of the vehicle under towing and load carrying situations with an emphasis on compliance to regulatory authorities. All GVM upgrades are approved under the same legislation as the Original vehicle is approved under. For example, stability, braking distance and handbrake holding force standards are re-tested with the vehicle at the new full load.

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Why Does Your Vehicle Need A GVM Upgrade?

GVM Upgrade solutions for selected vehicle models assist in compliance for increased certified GVM ratings. The reasons why you may require a GVM parts solution is to satisfy the following requirements: OH&S, vehicle insurance, warranty issues and being road legal. Through exhaustive and detailed testing, GVM Upgrade Kits have been approved by the NZTA.

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Brand New Vehicle GVM Upgrades

For brand new vehicles; prior to registration – When the GVM Upgrade kit has been installed to a new vehicle by our approved technicians, an additional compliance plate advertising the uprated GVM figure will also be fitted. A replacement axle ratings sticker will also be fitted where required. Camco also lodges paperwork with the NZTA to increase the vehicle GVM and axle ratings. The new vehicle can now be registered and legally operated up to the new gross vehicle mass.


Used Vehicle GVM Upgrades

For used vehicles that have already been registered and presented as used with many kilometres and potentially many years of driving. For such vehicles that have already been road registered, the vehicle is to be inspected by a LVVTA inspector and issue with a cert disk.

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GVM Upgrade Design & Development

All GVM upgrade programs are put through rigorous testing processes to ensure they are fit for purpose. With state of the art testing equipment, GVM vehicle kits are tested on every model vehicle to make sure they are compliant with the electronic stability control unit. In all cases the GVM Upgrade suspension upgrades improve the general ride and handling. This means that the electronic stability control system are not affected by the upgrades to the suspension. On selected GVM kits axle load ratings are also upgraded. Independent engineers test and assess the load ratings on our GVM upgrade kits as part of the certification process. This is to ensure all aspects of compliance with Australian Design Rules, adopted in NZ by the NZTA.

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GVM Upgrade Warranty

GVM Upgrades come with official certification documentation and all components installed as part of a GVM upgrade package are backed by the equivalent of an OEM Warranty. For example, a Ford Ranger carries a 5 year, 150,000km warranty. Camco carries this warranty and has agents around NZ to back up any after sales service requirements. Camco’s warranty has the backing of Pedders Suspension.

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A True Turn-Key Solution!

Camco is the only OEM Body Builder that truly provides full suite of services – get it all done at one place – Fitout, GVM Upgrade, Signwriting, GPS install – and reap the benefit of the vehicle arriving, ready to go – no lost time or lease payments!

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