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Power Fitouts

The power industry – the crews who go our on those dark, stormy nights when the power’s just flicked off, and we’re all wondering when it will come on again. Who would need a more efficiently set up ute than these guys?

Everything has to be well-organised for efficient use on site – from easy access to the all-important ladders, to organised storage space for tools and fittings that need to be carried, ready to fix any issues that may arise, without needing to go back to base for extra parts.

Arborists Fitout

Ensuring that powerlines and other electricity infrastructure is not impeded by bush growth is and important part of maintaining power networks across the country – prevention is better than cure, right?

Arborist teams are often tackling rugged country, requiring 4WD vehicles, whilst also needing a space to store chainsaws, spare bars, chains, fuel and oils. And of course, the all-important vice to help sharpen chainsaws while on site.

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Ford Ranger D/Cab XL 4WD – GVM: 3200kg | Payload: 795kg

Customise a drawer to fit your chainsaws by adding a height extension to the lower drawer.

For extra storage space, add a 3 door body, which you can separate into different areas to hold different tools and equipment – saws in one part, fuel in another.

Faultsman & Line Mechanic – Service Body Option

As the years have passed, the go-to option for a faults vehicle has become a 3 door service body. These provide a spacious shell which can be customised to suit the important equipment that needs to be carried out to site.
From our years of working with lines companies to develop something fit-for-purpose, we have found that having some drawer space inside the Gullwing bodies is beneficial, along with space to organise small parts and fittings. Also important is a space in the rear with tie-down points to keep larger items like gear bags safe and secure.

Another important aspect of line mechanic fitouts are the ladder racks – these need to be robust enough for everyday use, while minimising any danger of stretch and strain injuries by making it easy to roll the ladders off. Worklights are important for working at night, and our standard builds ensure crews have enough light while on the job.

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Ford Ranger E/Cab XLT 4×4 – GVM: 3200kg | Payload: 530kg

The interior of this fitout utilises back-to-back drawers to accomodate larger tools, while the Stack-a-Boxes provide efficient and easily accessible storage for smaller fittings from both sides.

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Holden Colorado E/Cab GVM: 3150kg | Payload: 685kg

Large drawers fitted out the passenger side door combined with a Vertisafe vertical lift up door on the driver side ensure that any access to tools in the body on the roadside is kept as far off the road as possible.

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Ford Ranger XL E/Cab – GVM: 3200kg | Payload: 840kg

For those task teams who don’t need to carry quite as much gear; or who need to carry long items inside the service body, this simple set of shelves provides a simple, handy solution.

Faultsman & Line Mechanic – Canopy & Drawers Option

Canopy and drawer options are a popular choice for line mechanic teams across the country. A canopy keeps valuable equipment protected from the weather, while large lift up windows provide easy access though the side.

Drawers in the wellside help organise tools and equipment, and protect them from damage whilst in transit. Ladder racks keep the ever-important extension ladders secure, while extensive worklighting ensures it’s easy to see what you’re doing while carrying out repairs while in dark conditions.

Vehicle Weight: GVM: 3500kg | Payload: 950kg

Special over-centre ladder clamps on this fitout ensure that the driver can see when the ladder is not secured, preventing them driving off before the ladders are safely stowed.


A variant of the standard faultsman/line mechanic setup, is a flat deck with a short service body installed, leaving deck space at the rear for carrying larger items that may not necessarily fit into the rear of an integrated body.

These bodies can be customised with all the same lighting, ladder racks, small parts organisation as the integrated body, and canopy options.

Vehicle Weight: Ford Ranger XL E/Cab 4WD – GVM: 3200kg | Payload: 850k

Fibre Optics & Underground

Fibre optics techs require a well organised mobile workshop to ensure they can complete their tasks to the highest of standards. An important part of these fitouts is the organisation and storage of small parts, hence the multiple shelving bins required.

Another important part of the fitout is having an open surface on which to work – this is where a benchtop comes in handy, often making the best use of space by incorporating drawers under the bench. Don’t forget the addition of a vice which comes in handy!

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Ford Transit Cargo 350L – GVM: 3490kg | Payload: 920kg

Substation & Technicians

As well as general repairs & maintenance, substation techs need to be prepared for emergency repairs at any time. A gullwing body is one option to provide a safe and secure place to keep all your tools and equipment safe and secure. The internals can be customised to suit, with either large open spaces to store tool tubs, or a number of small parts bins to organise smaller items.

Transmission Fitouts

Transmission techs have many similar requirements to line mechanics – the ability to carry ladders, good work lighting, and an organised internal fitout to accomodate all tools and equipment.

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Toyota Hiace ZR – GVM: 3300kg | Payload: 720kg

A van provides a good base to add in shelving for small parts, along with a Stack-a-Box organiser for smaller fittings, and a drawer unit between the side doors to contain and organise larger tools.

Vehicle Weight: Fitted to a Ford Ranger E/Cab 4WD – GVM: 3200kg | Payload: 940kg

When you need to carry large items on an open tray as well as being able to securely store valuable tooling, a 2 door service body is the perfect fit. The full range of roof accessories and lighting are also able to be fitted to a shorter length service body for complete serviceability.

The traditional 3 door service body is also a highly efficient way of storing and organising the gear needed on the job. Providing an efficient storage solution for all the tools and equipment that need to be transported to site, the body also provides an excellent base for additional roof racks & lighting that may be required.

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