Working with all commercial vehicle owners from sole tradesmen businesses to national service companies, Camco offer a one stop shop for commercial vehicle fitouts.

As leaders in the industry, Camco has provided needed innovations to the industry including Gullwing Service Bodies, Rolaworx Drawers, and Uteworx Flat Decks. Our product range is continually growing with customer demand.

Camco has the capacity and experience to supply specialist fitouts for many different industries. Time means money in business, and Camco’s systems are calculated to save time and create efficiencies. It has been estimated that a Rolaworx drawer system could save 15 minutes per day. This adds up to over 62 hours a year over a 5 day week. Multiply that by your workers average hourly wage and see the savings! 

Camco understands the safety of vehicle operators are a top priority for businesses today. We design and develop our products around workplace safety, including safer access to tools, lighter fitouts, and crash tested solutions. These examples are just a few examples of the health and safety benefits our products offer:


Maximise your payload!

Our Gullwing products are constructed from aluminium to create a lightweight fitout and help get your vehicles legally on the road.

Reduces back strain!

Rolaworx Drawers and Roll-a-Tables bring the cargo out to the operator, eliminating the need to crawl into the back of vehicles to reach your tools and equipment. As one of our customers commented “I haven’t had an employee having a sick day for a sore back since I fitted your drawers through my fleet.”

Increase your vehicles GVM!

Working in an industry where light commercial vehicles are used as service vehicles, we often see how overloaded they become. We work with suspension manufacturers to provide GVM Upgrades to light commercial vehicles that can increase the payload by up to 300kg depending on the vehicles make and model.

Easy loading and unloading!

Camco’s range of tipper decks, cranes and tail lift fitouts were developed to create an easy way to load and unload heavy items while onsite, without risking back injury to the operator.

Organised storage space!

Gullwing Service Bodies and Toolboxes create organised storage spaces with everything at arms reach, reducing the need to crawl or reach into your utes.

3-Point Access System

Camco offers a three-point access system (TPAS) for added safety when tying on ladders. The underdeck steps are large enough to fit 2 feet, while the single handle on the Gullwing door leaves one hand free to secure loads.