About CAMCO Industries

Who Are We?

We are a New Zealand owned and operated organisation based in Cambridge in the central North Island. We started out in a modest garage in 2005, where the founder designed and built the original Rolaworx® drawer, to fit into the back of a wellside ute. This drawer was built on the principle of simple, but durable design, whilst pushing the boundaries of the tooling used to manufacture the components. Some of the original Rolaworx drawers are still in use today, having been transferred across several utes. The Rolaworx drawer unit, to this day, remains the best solution to the pain of reaching and climbing into the back of utes.

As leaders in the industry, we have provided needed innovations to the industry including Gullwing Service Bodies, Rolaworx Drawers, and Uteworx Flat Decks. Our product range is continually growing with customer demand.

Camco has the capacity and experience to supply specialist fitouts for many different industries. Time means money in business, and Camco’s systems are calculated to save time and create efficiencies. It has been estimated that a Rolaworx drawer system could save 15 minutes per day. This adds up to over 62 hours a year over a 5 day week. Multiply that by your workers average hourly wage and see the savings!

Camco understands the safety of vehicle operators are a top priority for businesses today. We design and develop our products around workplace safety, including safer access to tools, lighter fitouts, and crash tested solutions. These examples are just a few examples of the health and safety benefits our products offer:

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Camco - The Benefits For You

The Benefits For You

Our Mission:

To provide our customers with high quality vehicle fitouts that enhance safety and maximise productivity.

Our Vision:

We will be New Zealand’s premium commercial vehicle fitout company introducing needed innovations to the industry.

Our Values

Safety First

We endeavour to design safety systems for our customers and through this process we will develop within our supply chain a safety-first culture.

Team Spirit

Desire to work as a team with a common goal to achieve our company vision. This is driven by a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and a desire to succeed together.


We uphold ourselves to the highest standard of ethical attributes. We work in the community, with the community, for the community and are open and transparent about how we do so.


We communicate with the best intentions, both internally and externally. We respect one another’s individual viewpoints and work together to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.


To stay at the forefront of the market, we continually develop and redevelop our creative solutions, introducing advanced new products.


Quality is compromised for nothing in our fit out systems to ensure our customers have the most dependable and hardworking storage solutions on the market, delivered by the most hardworking and dependable team.

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