Ute Drawer Options

Camco can customise your drawer to suit your requirements – whether you require extra security, higher drawers, special cutouts or a soft surface in the drawers to protect your expensive cargo.

We offer a security locking option for additional peace of mind to secure valuable items. The front of the drawer is steel and there is a keyed paddle latch to access the drawer. For a double drawer, the top sliding drawer has a pivoting arm that prevents the top drawer opening when the lower one is locked.

The standard depth of the lower drawer in a double drawer unit is either 290mm or 235mm. In a single drawer, the standard depth is either 275mm or 220mm. If you have a specific need for this depth to be increased to fit in a taller item, we can add a height extension to increase this depth. Likewise if you require a specially shallow drawer, this can be achieved by changing the drawer design. Simply nominate the depth you require.

Sectional cutouts are a cut out piece of the top drawer that allows a tall item on the bottom drawer to fit, e,g, compressor or specialist piece of equipment etc. When you dont need to carry that tall item, the cutout can be replaced in the drawer to give the full drawer area.

All lower drawers have removable ply dividers across the drawers as standard.

To discuss your specific requirements, contact the team on 0800 663 500 or check out our fitouts here

Drawer Options:

  • Locking Drawer
  • Custom Dividers
  • Jacklifter
  • Cutouts
  • Height Extensions
  • Custom Plan Table
  • Marine Hull Lining
  • Custom Shelving

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