Is your load secure? 10 Load Restraint solutions that save lives…

Load security is fast becoming an important issue for light commercial vehicle operators in New Zealand.

NZTA has a load security guideline for heavy vehicles, but to date there has not been a requirement for light vehicles.

As utes and vans become increasingly popular as mobile service wagons, the issue of load security arises. What are you carrying? How are you ensuring that the load is secure? What would happen in the event of an accident? Could you cause serious harm or injury to yourself or a member of the public?

Gas Bottles: how many times have we all watched the YouTube videos of unrestrained gas bottle tops getting knocked off? What if this happened in your work vehicle? For the sake of $200 and some bolts, this can be easily prevented! Simply fit a set of gas bottle holders and save yourself the worry and risk. An additional advantage is that there’s a single place for your gas bottle/s and it will keep them in much better condition!!

Ladders: Do you carry ladders on your roof? Have you ever put a ladder up there and forgotten to restrain it? Or even worse, have you had an accident where your unrestrained ladders have come flying off the ute similar to this photo?

There are range of different solutions to prevent this from ever happening:

The first solution if to simply fit a ladder rack. 1 tie point and your load is fully restrained! A ladder rack also protects your ladder and prevents unnecessary wear and tear – this saves you money when certification time comes around!

Another solution is to add an over-centre ladder restraint system to your ladder rack. This goes over the rungs of the ladder and can be padlocked for extra security. When the latch is not secured, it is hanging over the side of the rack – this makes it a very visual indicator and decreases the risk of leaving the ladder unrestrained.

Roof Racks

Roof racks with a false gutter are notorious for flying off in the event of an accident (as seen in the photo of the ute in the ditch above). This is where solid legs secured with stainless steel fastenings are very beneficial.

The ErgoRack system also allows the operator to simply drop the ladder on the lack and flick a lever to secure it. In one movement, your load is restrained! This option can also be padlocked to prevent theft.

Rack-It Roof Rack

In-Cab Storage: The back seat of your double or extra cab ute always seems like a good place to throw some PPE and service manuals….until you have an accident! An awesome solution for this is to fit an in-cab box! This is lockable for valuables, has sloped lids to discourage piling stuff on top and above all keeps your load safety restrained!

Flat Deck Utes: We’ve all been guilty of throwing a load on a ute or trailer and thinking “oh, it’s only around the block!” But, the reality is that every unrestrained spade, crowbar, blocks of wood and so on can become a missile in the event of an accident. It’s important that we have adequate tie points available – there are some pretty smart options out there these days!

IMG 5874

Load Restraint Track – a simple 12mm thick extrusion that can be rebated into the plywood to make it flush fitted to your deck – just like a military aircraft! Simply select which position you’d like to use and restrain your load. This product is also a fantastic idea for inside Gullwing® Service Bodies – unobtrusive and really useful!

Load Net – a basic webbing net that complements the load restraint track really well, and restrains your load.

Underdeck20drawer 1

Under Deck Drawer – in an area that would usually be dead space, add an underdeck drawer to restrain your spades, chains and bars inside.

Add a steel crowbar holder for extra safety in the event of a crash.

Another solution to remove the risk of having unrestrained items on an open flat deck is to simply remove the open deck space! A Gullwing Service Body can be fitted to prevent items getting placed out in the open.

Specialist Load Restraint Systems
Do you have a specialist requirement to keep your load restrained? Over the years we have worked with numerous different industries to build specialist solutions! Take a look at a few of these examples below:

Gas Bottle Slide:
Gas Bottle

Photo Booth Slide:
Photo Booth

Battery delivery vehicle Untitled-2

Jack Lifter Drawer:

Dog Cages BA Cylinder/Hose Roll holders

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