Are YOU Liable? Chain of Responsibility and Overweight Vehicles

Are YOU Liable? Chain of Responsibility and Overweight Vehicles


On April the 4th 2016, the Health and Safety Reform Bill came into force. This bill made improvements to NZ’s health and safety act by implementing recommendations made by the Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety.

One key change this legislation makes is in the chain of responsibility. NZTA have made a publication to identify the penalties of driving non-compliant vehicles. This indicates that a company can be fined up to $25000, plus the director can be personally liable for up to $25000, if, for example, an overweight vehicle was found to be the cause of an incident.

Working in an industry where light commercial vehicles are used as service vehicles, we often see how overloaded they become. While we have worked with many clients to decrease the kerb weight through innovative fitouts, there isn’t much awareness of the penalties involved for overweight vehicles.

More recently, we have worked with suspension manufacturers to provide a GVM upgrade kit that can increase payload by around 300kg depending on the vehicle. We also now have an on-board weighing system that can report overload events to GPS tracking programs.

So, don’t delay…take a look at the documents below to get informed and see how you can help to keep your drivers accountable and your fleet compliant:

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