How safe are your service vehicles?

How safe are your service vehicles?

The ever popular ute market in New Zealand continues to flourish, with more than 3500 Light Commercials sold each month on average.

One key risk of wellside utes in your fleet can be unsecured loads. Over the years, we have introduced a number of products to mitigate this risk, and make the work life of your staff easier.

To help fleet managers mitigate risk, we have developed a Certified Wellside Cargo Barrier. The crash tested barrier meets AS4034, giving you added confidence that your staff and passengers will be kept safe from flying projectiles in the event of an accident.

A world first, this barrier fits into the canopy of your ute seamlessly. The slim design maximises the usable side-window space and protects the vulnerable window area where the passengers heads would be located.

Check out the crash test video here:

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