We have a range of compressor options available for your service utes, with the options of an underdeck compressor, a compressor fitted between Gullwing Toolboxes or a compressor fitted inside a Gullwing service body.

Underdeck Compressors:

Our unique underdeck compressor option integrates with a Uteworx flat deck or an Integrated Service Body.

It is fitted in an easy to access position, and comes in a cost-effective pull start option. It’s also easy to service, and keeps the centre of gravity low.

The compressor itself comes with a super reliable Honda engine and Italian pump.

Compressor fitted between Gullwing Toolboxes:

Fitting a compressor between a pair of toolboxes makes the most of under-utilised space and allows you to store smaller items in the deck space below the compressor.

The electric start switch is located in the LHS toolbox for easy access.

Compressor fitted inside a Gullwing Service Body:

Keep your compressor secure and protected from the weather by fitting it inside a service body. They’re easy to access and refill from ground level. We offer these compressors as a split system with the tank mounted either under the deck or bolted to the ceiling of the Gullwing service body.

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