Rolaworx Underdeck Drawer
The Rolaworx® Underdeck drawer is great for storing long crowbars, sledge hammers, chain and other equipment.
The Rolaworx underdeck drawer when coupled with the Uteworx® flat deck, there is no need to lift the deck at all, and it makes efficient use of the available space between the chassis runners!

  • New Zealand made – designed and built in-house at Camco
  • Unique 2-point, slam latch system – if you forget to shut the drawer it will catch itself
  • Runs on ball bearing rollers
  • Unique fully sealed outer carcase – prevents water and dust getting in
  • Lockable, can also be connected to the central locking
  • 2 lengths, 1625mmL for double cab or 1900mmL for extra and single cab
  • Also available as just a cavity

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