Van Drawer Options

Are our range of standard drawer options not quite right for you?

We have a range of drawer customisation options including drawer height extensions, custom dividers and security locking options for when you need your tools to be locked away securely.

Drawer Lining:

To protect any fragile pieces of equipment the drawers can be lined with marine hull carpet lining, this provides a softer surface to protect your cargo.

Custom Drawer Dividers:

Do you need to create a special compartment in your drawer for a specific piece of equipment? We can add custom dividers to your drawer to help organise your valuable tools and equipment the way you want them.

Custom Height Drawers:

The standard depth of the lower drawer in a double drawer unit is either 290mm or 235mm. In a single drawer, the standard depth is 275mm or 220mm. If you have a specific need for the drawer depth to be increased to fit a taller item, we can add height extensions to the drawer in 100mm, 150mm or 200mm increments. Shallow drawers are more commonly used for hydraulic servicing set-ups.

Security Locking Drawers:

If you are carrying expensive pieces of equipment and need peace of mind that they will be secure, simply install a security locking drawer. This has a steel front with a keyed paddle latch, preventing unauthorised access. For a double drawer, the top sliding drawer has a pivoting arm that prevents the top drawer opening when the lower drawer is locked.

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