Single Open Drawer

The single open van drawer creates greater safety and efficiency as the cargo rolls out to the operator.

The drawer has a 400kg weight capacity and an inbuilt braking system to brake the motion of the drawer at approximately every 300mm to ensure the safety of the operator. Access to the cargo is mainly from the rear due to the drawer operation, thereby ensuring protection for the paintwork on the vehicle. The standard depth of the single drawer is either 275mm or 220mm – more commonly 275mm. This dimension can be increased or decreased for specific purposes.

The drawer is fitted with ply retainer channels to enable you to remove and replace dividers to help to arrange your cargo. There is no need to fit these dividers if you need a larger area.

This is a great unit to purchase as a starter. You can add other products of your choice to suit your needs.

Single Open Van Drawer Specifications:

  • 400kg Weight Capacity
  • Multi staged braking
  • lifetime warranty

Single Open Van Drawer Add On’s:

  • Extra Dividers
  • Custom drawer heights
  • Archboxes
  • Sectional Cutout
  • False floor above drawer units
  • Security locking
  • Slice-a-vice

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