Single Drawer With Shelf

No more crawling into the back of your ute to reach tools!

Save all the hassle by installing a Rolaworx Ute Drawer where the cargo rolls out to the operator!

Our Rolaworx single drawer with a shelf doubles your cargo space; more space means more tools and equipment you can carry! For this drawer configurations the lower drawer pulls out to the operator and can be accessed from the rear, where the top shelf is fixed and can be accessed from the rear or side canopy windows.

The drawer has a 400kg capacity; it also features an inbuilt braking system to brake the motion of the drawer every 300mm. This ensures the safety of the operator when operating the drawer on gradients.

The standard depth of the drawer is either 275mm or 220mm – more commonly 275mm. The shelf above the drawer has 80mm high sides and is 1220mm wide. Both the drawer and shelf are fitted with a removable front and dividers to help you organise your cargo. The drawer below offers a out-of-sight secure place for storing tools and fittings, and the shelf above provides room for larger items.

All Rolaworx drawers carry a lifetime warranty.

Single Drawer Add on Options:

  • Extra Dividers
  • Custom Drawer heights
  • Archboxes
  • Sectional Cutout
  • Security Locking
  • Slide-a-vice

For more information contact the team on 0800 663 500

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