Keep your vehicles up to spec!

Keep your vehicles up to spec!

A vehicle audit checklist with a difference…

We’re serious about your safety! 

Here at Camco, we know that workplace safety is paramount to getting everyone home. safe. every. day. 

Chain of Responsibility

We all want our work colleagues, family and friends to stay safe, so we are all able to go home to our families. That’s why we’re so proud of what we do, and the impact it has on the crews who use our gear.

We know workplace safety is of utmost importance to fleet managers, countrywide. We understand how important a fleet managers work is and the challenges faced in managing mobile workplaces for crews while keeping them safe in their place of work – their vehicles! This applies to all vehicles, small and large. If you do delegate your fleet to subcontractors, you still have a responsibility of reasonable care, which we’ve explained here.

As your partners in ensuring vehicle safety, we want to help make regular vehicle checks simple for you.Vehicle AuditChecklist

We have come up with an in depth vehicle checklist which runs over a number of important safety checks on your vehicles – from the usual – lights, tyres and seatbelts – to checks on vehicle overloading and load safety.

Download the checklist below and get started on your vehicle audit!
Vehicle Audit Checklist
Some links you might find helpful in auditing your vehicles ANCAP rating and lighting requirements:

– What is your vehicle’s ANCAP Rating?

– How do ANCAP arrive at their safety ratings?

– What is NZTA Lighting Rule 2004 Section 7?

– Why does your hazard lighting need 360° visibility? 

Don’t just download it! Fill it out, and send it back ( to us for a free appraisal of your vehicle safety. We’ll run it through our system, including the weight matrix and give you recommendation on ways to improve your fleet safety.

Prefer to save trees by using less paper? Want reports coming to you instantly via your phone? There’s a number of apps out there that allow you to create your own audit checklist for use in the field – doesn’t have to be about your vehicles, it could be a job completion checklist, health and safety audit… the opportunities are endless.

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