ANCAP & Mobile workspaces(Service Utes)

ANCAP & Mobile workspaces(Service Utes)

In recent years, we have seen more and more fleets making the admirable commitment to improve the ANCAP rating of their fleets – thereby improving the safety of their workers.


One thing that is often missed is the fact that ANCAP changes the requirements for a vehicle to gain a 5 star rating every 2 years or so.

This year is a perfect example – ANCAP increased the 5 star requirement to include compulsory autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and lane support systems. This put many ute manufacturers under pressure to produce a vehicle with a high level of standard specs on base models that were previously unheard of.

This means for example if you purchased a Holden Colorado 3 years ago with a 5 Star ANCAP, it may no longer meet the 5 star rating requirements.

When accessorising your vehicle, consider the impacts each accessory could have on the safety rating of your fleet.

For example, when looking at installing a bullbar to your vehicles, consider how this compares with the ANCAP frontal impact standards – it could be having a detrimental impact to the safety of your fleet! We have a bullbar range that meets ANCAP standards but still provides maximum protection to the front of the vehicle and allows for a winch to be mounted on the ute.

Check out the vehicle ANCAP ratings here:

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