Single Cab Flat Deck + Gullwing Toolboxes

Need plenty of open deck space but also secure storage for your tools?

Gullwing toolboxes will provide you the versatility and organisation you need in your workday!

A popular option for the mechanical servicing industry, a pair of toolboxes provides you secure storage space, while allowing large items to be carried on the flat deck space out the rear.The versatile space between the toolboxes gives you a storage area for 20L oil drums, long tools or equipment, or even a compressor set-up. No space is wasted!

Gullwing Toolboxes are constructed entirely from high strength, marine grade aluminium for optimum durability, yet lightweight to maximise payload. Each toolbox is completed with a durable powdercoat finish, or can be painted to match your vehicle colour. Toolboxes can also be powdercoated a similar colour to your vehicle to provide a more durable coating.

The addition of a compressor is all you need to put the finishing touches on your mobile mechanic setup – either mounted between the boxes or under the deck to save space. Mounting the compressor between the toolboxes gives you storage space to slide items underneath, while the underdeck compressor leaves the deck space entirely free – and is also super-easy to service!

There are a range of different size toolboxes available with the interior of each box customised to suit your fitout needs with our range of accessories – including shelving, slam lock drawer and lighting. These fitouts can be easily transferred to a new vehicle at the end of the current vehicles life

All products carry a lifetime warranty


  • Ergonomic single handle paddle latch system – easy for operators to open the door with an armload of tools!
  • 2-Stage rotary latches – no false latching – latches like a car door!
  • Constructed entirely from high strength, marine grade aluminium for optimum durability, yet lightweight to maximise payload.
  • Large external gutters to maximise door width and shed large volumes of water quickly, providing a guaranteed dry environment for your valuable gear.
  • Full length piano -hinge on doors secured using aircraft style fasteners for added strength
  • Doors pull in at end of gas strut for added security
  • Designed and manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions – long lasting, high quality, genuine product.
  • Lifetime warranty


Lifetime Warranty Rest assured that you are going to receive a long lasting investment
3.0mm marine grade aluminium Strong, rigid professional unit. Our past experience has shown us thinner aluminium isn’t strong enough and fractures. We would expect to get at least 2 vehicle lives out of a Gullwing product
Designed and manufactured by Camco All products are designed and manufactured in NZ for NZ Conditions – long lasting, high quality, genuine product!
External rain gutters Maximise the door width and to shed large volumes of water quickly.
Door seals fitted to doors Eliminate the risk of damaging door seals – this is what you are relying on to keep your expensive equipment safe from the weather
Full length stainless steel piano hinge on door Provide a strong door hinge for maximum longevity
Doors pull shut at end of gas strut stroke Minimises risk of door flying open – see also 2-point latch system below
Single paddle latch per door Maximise efficiency – save undoing 2 latches, and can be un-latched in 1 single ‘pull’ action with the paddle latch
2-point, dual stage rotary locking system Works like a car door. Once the latch has caught in the fist stage, there’s no chance of the door opening and losing tools
Gullwing door strengthening Rigid doors – helps add to the longevity of the box
Ply floor as standard Helps to keep your tools in good nick, stops items sliding around, and protects the floor of your Gullwing box

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