Camco Stealth Cantilever Roof Tray to suit Service Body

Stealth Cantilever Roof Tray
The Stealth Cantilever Roof Tray is the perfect addition to your Camco Service Body

Designed to support the load on your roof from the chassis of the vehicle, the Stealth Cantilever Roof Tray keeps the load off the cab, allowing for isolated movement between the cab and Service Body.

With a small rear overhang, you can easily place loads onto the roof from the rear of the vehicle without risk of damaging the rear door.

For ease of loading, add a rear roller!

  • 200kg dynamic load capacity
  • 600kg static load capacity
  • Overall length 3000mm long x 1370mm wide

Registered Design 431999

  • Aluminium construction
  • 2400mm long x 1170mm wide
  • 200kg carrying capacity(or OEM rating, whichever is reached first)
  • Multiple tie point options in cross bars and side rails
  • Rear overhang to assist with loading long items without risk of damage to rear of canopy

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