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Camco Fleet Vehicle Fitouts

This area provides more information on different vehicle makes & models, unravels the difference between GVM, GCM, kerb weights and more.

Don’t forget to check out the FREE vehicle weight analysis tool which will give you an idea of the weight distribution on your full laden vehicle. You can also apply for your own personalised login which gives you access to a more extensive analysis tool.

Check them out below:

Pedders Vehicle Weight Analysis

Vehicle Weight Analysis – FREE

This is a free vehicle weight analysis tool to calculate the vehicle weight of your ute.

GVM and Axle Weight Analysis

GVM and Axle Weight Analysis 

This weight matrix takes a more comprehensive look at weight of your vehicles, including the GVM and axle weights.

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Not sure what the best vehicle for you is?

Take a look through our vehicle comparisons – we look at the GVM’s, GCM, Payload, Kerb and Tare Weights of each vehicle and what they mean

GVM, Payload Etc

Payload, GVM, Kerb Weight – What do they all mean?

All this technical jargon, what does it all mean? And why should it be important to me – it only relates to heavy vehicles doesn’t it?