Industry Fitout


Animal Control fitout

Camco’s Council fitouts for Animal control has been developed in tandem with two councils in the country to create a fitout that is user friendly, efficient, but most of all safe for the operator. The manual crane means that the operator is not forced to lift a weight beyond the Worksafe recommendation, decreasing back strain risks.


Camco has fitted out some specialist fitouts for the parks division of councils.


Camco has fitted out a range of vehicles for the Water Maintenance sector. This can require crane for lifting large pumps, water blasters, organisation of water fitting, water pipes etc.

We have developed a sub frame system to accommodate the crane and a Uteworx deck fits over the top. This can be fully certified and training provided to crane operators if required, however there isn’t a requirement by law as such – it is usually a company policy.

Our design team has also come up with an under deck water blaster, along with a 90 litre tank for backup water supply if required. The water blaster is 3000psi with 11.4lpm flow.